Latest referendum polls

latest referendum polls

Survation's latest EU Referendum polling shows a lead for Leave, after David Cameron announced his demands for renegotiation to the European Council. NICOLA Sturgeon has confirmed plans to seek a second referendum on Scottish independence. But what are the latest polls?. Across all countries in YouGov's latest Eurotrack survey, Turkey was the country the most people thought should not be allowed to join the EU (Comments: 33). The SNP leader said that she is seeking approval for an independence referendum between autumn and spring Continue Change settings Find out. About YouGov Contact Us Investor relations Privacy Terms and Conditions Cookie Policy Modern Slavery Act Press Office Careers. Boris Johnson flew up to Scotland last night, posing for selfies with excited students after four months of hard-fought campaigning to persuade voters to back Britain leaving the EU. David Cameron voted in Westminster with his wife Samantha this morning with the final EU referendum polls making the contest too close to. Last night a flurry of eve-of-referendum polls suggested the fc bayern aufstellung is still too close to bayern 3 kinopremiere cham, with TNS giving the Brexit camp a 43 per cent to 41 per cent advantage. During the rally in Bristol, Mr Cameron urged voters to stick with Brussels to ensure a 'bigger better Britain'. latest referendum polls


Latest EU Referendum polls: June 16